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Jason E. Carter - Owner, Carter Insurance


Jason E. Carter is a man of many hats and talents. Not only is he owner and president of Jason Carter Companies, comprised of Carter Insurance & Financial Services, J. E. Carter Consulting, The Fire Up Factory, and Tax Pirates, he is also one of NAIFA's (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) rising stars as well as the 2018 - 2019 National Committeeperson for NAIFA Arkansas. His latest business venture is as one of three founders of Advisor Centric, a national multi-line brokerage and securities firm with emphasis on empowering independent advisors to be successful in their careers. Mr. Carter’s other roles include youth leader and advisor through his work with Trail Life USA and The American Heritage Girls, Board Member and Secretary for Texarkana Museums System, Rotary Club member, dedicated and diligently involved member at Hampton Church of Christ, active member and past Worshipful Master of Border Masonic Lodge, community volunteer, National Ethics Association member, classroom helper, and more. Most recently, he became a member of ELITExas (Emerging Leaders of Insurance in Texas), IIAT’s (Independent Insurance Agents of Texas) Young Professional Group, where he can exercise the leadership mentality he has been known for for many years by helping to bring young professionals into the insurance industry and assist them in honing their skills. He truly lives up to his business motto, “Carter Cares”. Jason’s accomplishments are noteworthy and numerous for his age.

Jason became involved in scouting at a very early age and earned every honor, including his Eagle Scout. Continuing in service as a leader and mentor into adulthood, Mr. Carter’s efforts in volunteerism and service earned him the President of the United States Call to Service Award for National and Community Service in 2012. In more recent years, Mr. Carter’s focus has been to take the leadership skills he obtained in scouting and apply them as Four States Area Point Man and Southwest Region Training Chairman for Trail Life USA. He also provides leadership as Shepherd for The American Heritage Girls, Trail Life’s sister organization. His leadership and dedication were honored in 2015 with the Faithful Servant Award from the Members of Churches of Christ for Scouting for his outstanding work in “Serving God, Serving Others, and Developing Self”. Mr. Carter has also been a leader in his church for most of his adult life.

After graduating high school in Texarkana, Texas, where he was born and raised, Jason went on to attend college at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he was actively involved in positively focused student groups, was a charter member of his Fraternity, and also where he met his wife, Liz. He returned to Texarkana after college and founded Carter Insurance & Financial Services (a National Quality Award Winning Trusted Choice Agency) over a decade ago. His is a multi-line brokerage firm with several agents serving the Four States area encompassing Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Mr. Carter’s other endeavors consist of J.E. Carter Consulting, a strategic planning and practice management group operating nationwide; a speakers’ bureau, The Fire UP Factory; and in an effort to provide well-rounded planning services to his client base, his newest launch under the main brand is Tax Pirates. Jason has been called a “growth leader”, and it is evident both in his professional life and in his personal life.

Mr. Carter's NAIFA involvement speaks volumes about his character, talents, and commitment. He is Past President of NAIFA Arkansas at the state level, Past President of NAIFA Four States at the local level, past committee member for the national YAT Group, as well as a past National Task Force member. Jason currently serves as the YAT Committee Chair and was honored in 2016 with YAT Leader of the Year for the entire United States. His drive and determination have proven his attitude that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing to the absolute best of your ability and has shown in his personal NAIFA membership drive efforts. Jason was the YAT Recruiter of the Year for the 2014 – 2015 NAIFA membership year. He currently holds the Distinguished Service Award for 2018, “The Stallion”, and the prior year, not only won the NAIFA Arkansas Young Advisor of the Year award, but also had “The Buffalo” named for him! Another notable accomplishment was Mr. Carter’s award in 2015 of one of only two NAIFA LUTCF (Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow) Scholarships for their partnership with The College for Financial Planning. After earning his own LUTCF designation, Jason has continued to be involved by becoming a moderator for the LUTCF program. In 2017, Jason led the charge for NAIFA Arkansas to be the only state presented with IFAPAC’s (Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee) top award – The Citation of Excellence. His involvement with NAIFA has garnered Jason many honors, but one of his most cherished is the Arkansas Traveler, the highest honor given by a sitting governor of Arkansas to a non-Arkansan for service above and beyond outside of their state.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children, Jackson, Ellie, and Sawyer. He is an avid runner and a triathlete, but one of Jason’s favorite passions is traveling. He has completed his goal to visit all 50 states, and his newest endeavor is seeing all of our wondrous national parks. He has also set out to summit all of the highest mountain peaks in the US as part of his “America’s Rooftop Project”, with Mt. Rainier being one of his most recent conquest. He is now he is eager for his next adventure. When asked how he’s doing, Jason always smiles and states, “I’d only be better if I were twins!” When asked why, he replies simply, “Because then I could get more done!”

Jason is a definitely a “glass half full” kind of guy. His positive attitude is contagious and the word “can’t” doesn’t have a place in his vocabulary. He is a driven and focused individual with a never-ending selfless dedication to others. It is his hope that by his involvement with causes near to his heart such as volunteering at local homeless shelters and working as spokesman for the Healing Helpers Anti-Drug Coalition in the Ark-La-Tex area that he can pass along the value of helping others to his children. After all, out of all the hats he wears and the titles he’s accumulated, the one he cherishes most is “Daddy”.