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Jodi Clark - Agent & Office Manager, Carter Insurance


To say that Jodi Clark is a busy woman would be a glaring understatement. She is not only a knowledgeable insurance agent and financial planning specialist, but also the Director of Media Relations for Jason Carter Companies in Texarkana, Texas. Jodi reentered the insurance field in 2012 after a nineteen year hiatus to raise her two children, Garrett and Kylee.

She had always been passionate about helping others, so after a few years of various outside sales positions upon getting back into the workforce, which she had thrived on but never found that perfect fit she wanted for her career, Mrs. Clark studied to take her licensing exam while running her web design and consulting business from home. After acquiring her Life & Health license, Jodi first contracted with a globally known company specializing in supplemental insurance products, but soon realized her position greatly limited her ability to help others in all the ways she wanted to. Her search for a strong, reputable, local agency led her to Carter Insurance and her position has led to opportunities in everything from training new agents to community involvement volunteer projects and everything in-between. Mrs. Clark is an extremely proficient multi-tasker and undertook the job of revamping the Carter Insurance website, as well as updating the logo. Hers is the mind behind their “Know the Buffalo” branding campaign, and she also serves as co-producer of their upcoming “Have You ‘Herd’” infotainment series that will air on the company’s YouTube channel in late fall of 2016.

Jodi was born in Texarkana, Texas and grew up in the small community of Nash. Having been raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to take care of her children, Mrs. Clark learned firsthand about dedication and perseverance from an early age. She always knew she wanted to own her own business, and growing up, always had some sort of a ‘store’ or a lemonade stand operating beside her grandmother’s house where neighbors could pick up handmade crafts, enjoy a cool drink, or even come to hear Jodi and her best friend from next-door singing at their ‘nightclub’! The salesman in her was apparent even back then as she would go door-to-door peddling gift-wrap and greeting cards to earn cash and prizes. She still revels in being in the midst of others, and is an active member of NAIFA (National Association of Insurers and Financial Advisors), a volunteer with select community outreach programs, a weekend helper at Texarkana Museums System, member of Lighthouse Baptist Church, and pseudo psychiatrist for her friends in need. 

After high school, Jodi met and married her first husband and father of her two children, Chris, and undertook her role as wife and mother with as much zeal as any of her other adventures. The marriage lasted only eight years, but thankfully the prior friendship survived. Mrs. Clark married her current husband of thirteen years, Shane, in 2002. The two had been acquaintances in high school, but became close friends and fell in love almost from the first time they went out together.

Jodi does manage to get a little free time now and then between her numerous work roles. When she does, she prefers to spend it quietly at home, reading, spending time with Shane, or giving herself a pedicure. She is also passionate about writing and will churn out a new poem or song lyrics now and then. Photography and road trips are other favorite pastimes.

Jodi is many things to many people; wife, mom, advisor, helper, and friend. The most important role to her however, is as a Christian, hoping to lead others to Christ. Her personal motto is, “No excuses. No regrets.”, and it is how she strives to live each day.