Jason E. Carter - Owner, Carter Insurance


Tyson is a single father whose passion in life is spending each day to the fullest with his two little boys, Riley, age 11, and Spencer, age 7. Whether it’s taking off to the lake to go fishing, skiing, tubing, or boating, or going for a hike in the mountains, Tyson loves the outdoors and spends all the time he can with his sons, teaching them about nature, camping, helping and encouraging with sports, and just plain enjoying life. He also strives each day to teach his children about God and to instill good values in them. They attend church at First Assembly of God - “The Old Lighthouse” - in Texarkana, Texas which he has called home ever since moving here from Phoenix, Arizona as a small child.

Tyson says he has always been a hard worker. He grew up learning construction and carpentry, and although he enjoyed the work, soon realized that he would be happier using his mind to make a living. He began a career in home healthcare and found a true reward in helping others that could no longer help themselves. Tyson still considers those relationships some of his most precious memories. As the years went by, the home health industry changed and the company he worked for went out of business. Tyson knew the Lord would lead him on his next move and he felt called to the insurance industry. He became very successful and even owned his own agency at one point. After a few bumps in the road of life, just like all of us have, Tyson found himself praying again for guidance and feels like God led him to join us here at Carter Insurance as one of The Herd. He is excited about this new chapter in his life. Tyson never lost that sense of fulfillment he found in home health, it’s just gained in another way now by his ability to assist his clients with their insurance needs and to provide the reassurance that they and their loved ones are taken care of.